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PenPal Schools

PenPal Schools connects over 100,000 students from over 170 countries to learn through curriculum-guided online exchanges.

Sector: Education

Location: USA

Stage: Early/Seed

Type: Equity

Raising $1,250,000

Raised $800,000

Seeking $450,000

*Gauging Interest

Hello Tractor

“Uber for Tractors” allows African farmers to SMS text to rent “smart” tractors – creating income and agricultural efficiency.

Sector: Ag-Tech

Location: Africa

Stage: Growth

Type: Convertible Debt

Raising: $1,500,000

Raised: $500,000

Seeking: $1,000,000


*Gauging Interest

Fig Loans

Fig Loans provides socially responsible loans and credit services for underbanked Americans.

Sector: FinTech

Location: United States

Stage: Early/Seed

Type: Equity

Raising $1,000,000

Raised $650,000

Seeking $350,000

*Gauging Interest

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