Done Deals

Read about companies who have successfully raised funding through Enable Impact.

Socially responsible lending
“Enable Impact helped Fig Loans find and connect with new and relevant impact investors, leading to multiple investments that helped to close our round.”

–Jeff Zhou, CEO & Founder

Connects students from around the world to learn together
“Enable Impact introduced me to a dozen investors interested in investing in companies with a strong social mission. These introductions led to multiple investments and were huge in helping us reach our initial fundraising goal.”

–Joe Troyen, CEO & Founder

Innovative and sustainable certified-organic baby and toddler food products
“Enable Impact did a great job of integrating a large and diverse pool of investors with great search tools, allowing me to quickly search, find, and connect with relevant impact investors for NurturMe. Additionally, because Enable Impact made us aware of, and connected us to investors’ circle, I was able to have a successful pitch, leading to investments that helped us close the round.”

–Caroline Freedman, CEO & Founder

Everyone’s virtual foundation
“With their easy to use tools and great investor network, Enable Impact helped Agora for Good quickly find and connect with Investors’ Circle, ultimately leading to a successful funding round.”

–Angela Campbell CEO & Founder