A complete learning system designed to make STEM concepts more contextual and engaging for students.

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Hands-On STEM Learning

Ardusat is a STEM education company that provides hands-­on kits and online platform for students to run experiments in the classroom and also in space. Ardusat is also the exclusive education partner for Spire Global to run experiments on their satellite network.

Sector: Education

Location: USA

Stage: Seed

Type: Equity

Raising: $1,250,000

Raised: $750,000

Seeking: $500,000

The Problem

In the education market worldwide, there’s a demand to make STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curriculum more engaging for students. Teachers rarely have the time to learn new technologies and incorporate this into their teaching.

The Solution

Ardusat provides hands-­on tools, online teacher tools, and curriculum to make it easy for teacher to teach engaging STEM curriculum while also meeting their required education standards.

Target Market

Primary sales focus is selling to teachers, schools, and school districts. In the United States, faster adoption has occurred in states that have adopted the Next Generation Science Standards which is driving them to change their science curriculum.

Outside the United States, Ardusat partners with resellers to sell their product into their existing channels. Resellers have been established for the Middle East, China, and Hong Kong.

How They Create Impact

Ardusat seeks to increase interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers by way of their holistic learning system that seeks to make learning engaging and contextual for students, while making teaching the concepts easier and more effective for teachers.

Ardusat is also working with UC Berkeley to run a three year Ardusat program with disadvantaged students.


Ardusat is raising $1.25 million in Series Seed equity funding, on a $4.25 million pre-money valuation. $500k of capacity remains. The round is led by Royal Street Ventures.  Prior investors include NewSchools Venture Fund, Fresco Capital, and Space Florida.


Ardusat generates revenue through sales of hands-­on sensor kits, an annual site license subscription to their eHub platform that contains curriculum, data visualization tools, online code editor, and classroom management tools. Ardusat sells direct to teachers, schools, districts, and parents.

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