Transforming Emergency Response with Big Data for Safer Communities

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Protecting the Lives of First Responders

First Due Size-Up is a SaaS platform that aggregates data from both online and offline data silos, translates that data into a format that is easy to consume before communicating it to first responders – seamlessly integrated into the dispatch process.

Sector: Safety

Location: USA

Stage: Growth

Type: Equity

Raising: $1,500,000

Raised: $750,000

Seeking: $750,000

The Problem

Thousands of first responder and civilian deaths & injuries occur each year, despite billions of dollars spent each year because:

1. Emergency response personnel do not get the scene and building information they need when they respond.
2. Manual collection of information pre-incident is outdated, inefficient, incomplete and ineffective (old school, outdated) – and typically available only for commercial buildings.
3. Information that is collected this way is not “consumable” in a short amount of time and is left unused in the field.

The Solution

First Due Size-Up uses technology to programmatically aggregate data from online and offline sources, model it into a format that is easy to consume and make it available to first responders as they respond – providing actionable building data on every single building in a response area – including residential and 100% integrated with their dispatch process and Computer Aided Dispatch.

Target Market

First Due Size-Up’s Target Market consists of three primary segments:

-30,000 domestic fire departments

-18,000 domestic law enforcement agencies

-3,000+ emergency operations centers

How They Create Impact

First Due Size-Up has worked for years with municipalities and the fire service. In that time they discovered that there is a gaping hole in the type of intelligence first responders need when they respond to an incident and what they get – resulting in thousands of deaths and injuries each year. First Due Size-Up worked hand-in-hand with the fire service to develop a solution to tackle it head on – a solution focused on arming firefighters with actionable intelligence within seconds of dispatch – reducing risk and saving lives.


First Due Size Up is raising a $1.5 million preferred equity seed round, of which, $750,000 of capacity remains. This round is led by New York Angels.


First Due Size Up charges an annual subscription fee for their software and services to fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and emergency operations centers.

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