Artificial Intelligence Powered Healthcare Concierge

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Making Sense of Healthcare

Orderly Health is an AI-driven automated healthcare resource for employers, insurers, and consumers that seeks to help employers and insurers save money on healthcare while helping members understand their benefits, find providers, and get the most out of their care.

Sector: Health

Location: USA

Stage: Seed

Type: Equity

Raising: $750,000

Raised: $250,000

Seeking: $500,000

The Problem


Consumers do not understand their benefits or know how much they’re spending on health care. Employers spend billions each year on existing tools, that go unused or underutilized, wasting over $900 billion in healthcare spending each year. *

*Source: Orderly Health

The Solution


For consumers, Orderly Health allows users to simply text questions about healthcare, just as if texting a friend. Using multiple data sources, Orderly Health is able to provide answers immediately to help users find the best doctor, the lowest price, or just help users better understand their benefits.

For employers, Orderly Health looks to make it easier for employees to obtain timely answers through an AI-driven chatbot to help employers reduce expenses, both in how much they pay in average claim cost, and negating the need to pay staff to answer employee questions.

Target Market


Orderly Health seeks to target three primary customer targets including healthcare consumers, self-insured employers, as well as healthcare service and product providers.

How They Create Impact

Orderly Health seeks to make managing the cost of healthcare simple and easy for everyone. Orderly Health is providing software solutions that help users better understand where and what they are spending on healthcare. Orderly Health allows consumers to see the different sources of their healthcare spending in one place so that they can clearly see their costs, be reminded of unused FSA or HSA balances, and maximize their overall insurance benefit.


Orderly Health is raising $750,000 in Series Seed equity funding, on a $3.5 million pre-money valuation. $500,000 of capacity remains. The round is led by Rockies Venture Club and 500 Startups.


Orderly Health generates revenue by offering employers a tiered sign-up plan based on the number of employees to be serviced.

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