Advanced Memory Science in Action

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A Smarter You in Less Time

Picmonic is a visual learning and storytelling platform, helping over 220,000 students in 150 countries remember more and improve test scores – generating $6 million in revenues to date.


Sector: Education

Location: USA

Stage: Series A

Type: Equity

Raising: $3,500,000

Raised: $2,500,000

Seeking: $500,000

The Problem


Picmonic seeks to address the pain of learning and retaining information through antiquated traditional repetition based memorization techniques.

The Solution


Picmonic looks to solve the universal problem of rote memorization by empowering anyone anywhere to easily create, learn, and share high-quality picture mnemonics (“Picmonics”). Picmonics seek not only to improve long-term recall of information, they incorporate humor and unforgettable graphics to make learning fun.

Target Market

Picmonic’s current addressable market includes 500,000 healthcare students in the US studying to be doctors, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and the college students trying to get into those programs. Picmonic plans to expand product lines in healthcare education to target over 1M students in 2017.

While the company focuses on students living in the US, there has been organic growth into the 2.4M student international market with thousands of subscribers living in South America, Australia, the Caribbean, Western Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

How They Create Impact

Picmonic brings the power of social visual platforms to learning. Picmonic’s effective methodology applies to any content area, for anyone who wants to retain knowledge faster and longer. The Picmonic team aims to empower millions of students to unlock their potential by making learning the impossible, possible.


Picmonic is raising $3 million in Series A preferred equity funding. $500,000 of capacity remains.


Users receive limited feature and content access with a freemium membership which enables them to actualize the value of the learning system first hand, wanting more, but limited until they upgrade.Users pay a subscription fee to access the complete Picmonic Learning System & Content Library in their area of study.

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