Prosperous relationships with Sustainable Forests. Reusing “low value” unmilled timber for buildings.

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WholeTrees builds prosperous relationships with forests and communities

WholeTrees manufactures and sells structural building systems made of round timber- a by-product of sustainably managed forests. The company has developed Intellectual Property to scale the use of this abundant forest waste-stream into new construction markets; and demonstrated demand by targeting two accessible and profitable early adopter market segments. In so doing, WholeTrees rebrands round timber as an engineered, efficient, green, and breathtaking structural material for commercial construction.

Sector: Environment

Location: USA

Stage: Series A

Type: Equity


Raising: $1,500,000

Raised: $1,000,000

Seeking: $500,000

The Problem

Sustainably-managed forests sequester carbon and create jobs. However, the by-product of this management — low value trees — have few or no markets. Sustainable forest management prevents wildfires, spread of disease, and loss of biodiversity, but with little economic incentive to do so, public and private forests are left under utilized– an under performing asset class.

On the demand side, commercial builders and owners lack cost effective ways to sequester carbon in their buildings, demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and differentiate their brands.

The Solution

Unmilled trees can be up to 50% stronger than milled lumber the same diameter and as strong as steel. Where milled lumber is unpredictable and variable in its performance, unmilled timber performs for centuries with minimal structural variability. WholeTrees develops the productions processes, patents, and software required to bring an abundant waste stream to high value construction markets. The company seeks to de-risk the use of trees in construction and is ready to scale sales, catalyze the growing restorative building movement, add value to sustainable forestry, and bring the awe and delight of forests into buildings.

Digital Inventory and Sales Platform

Target Market

WholeTrees looks to target decision makers/owners and building professionals in 2 large lucrative niche markets: Nature Oriented Institutions and Event Space/Hospitality.


How They Create Impact

WholeTrees is a woman-owned construction product and tech company and certified B-Corp that creates prosperous relationships with forests. Forests need to be culled, or managed, for healthy growth, healthy ecosystems, long term carbon-uptake, and eventual millable-yields.


Whole Trees is raising $1.5 million in Series A equity funding, on a $4.5 million pre-money valuation. $500,000 of capacity remains.

Revenue Model

WholeTrees looks to sell  custom structural building systems made of small-diameter and other low or no-value timber from well-managed forests above industry gross margins while still pricing below traditional alternatives.

WholeTrees intends to license and then sell its production processes and Intellectual Property to the forest products industry.

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