Wounds A.I.

Artificial Intelligence and Medical Image Analysis for Wound Care

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Cognitive Wound Care

Wounds A.I. has developed a Cognitive Imaging System and accompanying mobile platform that provides comprehensive analysis of factors impacting chronic wounds and the patient – and is arming clinicians to reduce the risks and suffering associated with the treatment of chronic wounds.

Wounds A.I. uses machine learning and computer vision to analyze wound imagery in the context of patient specific data to proactively identify the factors that could impede healing. As a result, clinicians and caregivers can more effectively treat chronic wound patients.

Sector: Health

Location: USA

Stage: Seed

Type: Equity

Raising: $2,500,000

Raised: $900,000

Seeking: $1,600,000

The Problem

Wound care relies on subjective observations, manual measurement techniques and limited understanding of the inter-relationships between disparate factors. In a pilot study in Hospital Kuala Lumpur, before Wounds A.I., searching for wound images, note-taking and organizing this data resulted in 64 lost staff days.

Chronic wounds disproportionately affect the elderly and patients in high risk geographies. Going beyond the physical agony of chronic wounds, patients are exposed to reduced physical and economic mobility, often shifting the burden to family members.

The Solution

Wounds A.I.’s Cognitive Imagery System (CIS) is a Decision Support Tool that Evaluates Wound Images and a Variety of Data to Provide Insights and Detect Risks. CIS uses computer vision to identify the size and shape of the wound site. It algorithmically extracts features like color, topology, and shape. This data is combined with additional information that is manually input by professionals. By combining all of this with patient EMR history and extraneous data sets, CIS begins to calculate critical elements of the healing process

Wounds A.I. Mobile App is a smartphone app that serves to catalog, organize, and manage data regarding chronic wound care by healthcare professionals.

Target Market

In the US, Wounds A.I. is targeting Wound Care Centers and Home Care agencies – as well as Dermatology practices and Podiatry centers, plus Insurance Payers.

In developing countries Wounds A.I. can work anywhere where medical professionals have access to mobile phones and wifi – and on the cheapest of feature phones. The company is targeting South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central and Latin America as potential growth markets. Currently the company is working with the largest government hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and serves as the entry into Singapore and Hong Kong.

How They Create Impact

Wounds A.I.’s mission and impact is to reduce patient suffering associated with the prolonged healing of wounds. Interruptions and delays in healing are frequently attributed to risk factors that are difficult for clinicians to anticipate, assess and plan for. Wounds A.I. can bring an 85% reduction in time and cost to wound care hospitals in developing countries, based on a pre pilot study.*
*Source: Wounds A.I.


Wounds A.I. is raising $2.5 million in Series Seed equity funding, on a $7 million pre-money valuation. $1.6 million of capacity remains. The round is led by SGR Investments. Prior investors include SAP, JumpStart Foundry, Ben Franklin Technology Fund, and Southbox.


Subscriptions to CIS start at $20,000/month plus $5,000/month per new data source while Licenses to Wounds A.I. Mobile start at $150 per month, per user.

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