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Nuvo H2O Reviews

NuvoH2O is an underrated brand that delivers exceptional value for the money. They offer a lot of unique systems with innovative technology to deliver superior results than some of the competition. In this, we will be discussing three Nuvo H2O systems in particular.

How Does It Work?

Nuvo has created one of the most effective water softener systems on the market utilizing innovative technology and proprietary formula. They use a proprietary formula which they refer to as “CitraCharge technology” with the primary ingredient being citric acid. Because citric acid is a natural chelator, it can naturally decrease the pH of your hard water which can minimize the formation of scale within your plumbing system. Nuvo took a very unique approach to solve hard water issues. For one, instead of using things that removed calcium, it binds and isolates the Pissing tube male gay Unloading In The Toilet Bowlcalcium ions which causes them to remain fully soluble and not likely to scale. It then lowers the overall pH of the water which further increases the effectiveness of preventing scaling.

Nuvo H2O Dpmb-a Manor Water Softener System 8×26

nuvo h20

This particular water softener system uses Mutual male pissing and pissing boys movies and mpeg hardcorenew and innovative technology to effectively reduce the pH level of the water through chelation, find professional cleaners here. Through this process, the excess calcium and magnesium in the water are bound to the chelating agent used in Nuvo’s proprietary formula. This ends up keeps all of the minerals in the water-soluble which can keep them from scaling which can cause a lot of issues with appliances and plumbing systems.

NuVoH20 Dphb-a Home Water Softener System 5×24

Nuvo H2O Dphb-a

The NuvoH2O system uses the same exact technology you will find in the larger model. However, this model is even more compact than what you would get with the larger model. The difference is, you will need to replace the cartridges every 20,000 gallons versus 50,000. However, you are getting a smaller and more affordable unit. This is the ideal option for families with 1 to 2 people living in their homes.

Nuvo H2O DPSB Studio Water Softener System

NUVO H2O DPSB Studio Water Softener System

This particular model uses the same exact technology you would get with the larger unit. Therefore, you are getting the same innovative and effective chelation technology that can prevent scale buildup. However, with this unit, you are getting an even more compact design making it suitable for those living in studio apartments and for those that are only looking for something meant for a solo living arrangement. This studio version comes with cartridges that can provide water softening for up to 10,000 gallons. Because the unit is simply a scaled-down version of the larger siblings, you are not forfeiting any features or capabilities. You are getting the same benefits of extending the lifespans of your appliances and plumbing fixtures and the same FDA and NSF certification.

What Nuvo Does Well:

1. Prevent Scale Build Up

The main thing that this system excels at is preventing scaling issues. If you are tired of having to conduct maintenance on your appliances because of hard water resulting in the scale build-up, you will benefit from using a system like this.

2. Simple and Effective

This is a system that is very straight forward with its installation and maintenance. In fact, there is not much maintenance required. All you have to do is replace the cartridge every 50,000 gallons and you are good to go.

3. Compact Design

Each of these water softeners features a design that is rarely seen throughout the industry. It’s size is very small and compact to the other comparably effective systems. Therefore, it is a much more practical option for those that need to fit their units in tighter spaces or for those that are looking for a water softening system with space-saving features.

4. No Waste

Nuvo’s innovative technology and proprietary formula allow for the unit to function without needing salt, wastewater, or electricity. Better yet, you don’t have any compromises in terms of water softening performance. With something that is so efficient and Eco-friendly, you might assume you are giving up something on the performance front. That is not the case with Nuvo’s water softeners on the market.

5. 5-Year Warranty

With each water softener system, you are getting a 5-year hassle-free warranty. The warranty is, in fact, transferable with the sale of your house.

What Could Be Improved:

1. Customer Service.

Nuvo is not known for having the best in class customer service. While you are getting exceptional bang for your buck, if you have issues with your system, you might find yourself wishing you paid more. That being said, they do offer a standard 5-year warranty on all of their water softener systems. Therefore, you should be able to get a hassle-free replacement if you do encounter issues with your own.

2. Not Designed To Work For Some Systems

The NuvoH2O is not meant for homes that have a closed loop-recirculation system nor homes that have wood-fired boiler applications.

What You Get With Your Purchase:

When you purchase this system, you are getting everything you need for installation and use including a mounting backplate, mounting bracket, the proper screws, and a housing wrench. If you are purchasing the larger system designed for a home with 4 or more people living in it, you are going to get a cartridge lifespan of around 50,000 gallons. Whereas, if you are purchasing the mid-tier sized unit meant for a residence of 2 people, you are getting around 20,000 gallons per cartridge. Lastly, if you are purchasing the unit meant for a studio home with 1 resident, you are getting around 10,000 gallons prior to your cartridge needing replacement.

Overall, Nuvo is an excellent water softener system for those looking for a highly effective water softener system that is going to deliver real-world results. Better yet, it is a water softener system that can deliver these results in a unique way with no waste. As you can see, their technology is available in three different sizes, visit As long as you choose the system that is designed for your intended use-case, you should be able to get all of the benefits of its innovative technology. Nuvo stands out as one of the more innovative companies in the water softener industry. While their customer service might be lacking, you will be hard-pressed to find a better value proposition on the marketplace.

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